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who we are

Who We Are

Turn Right  is a reputable Accident Replacement Vehicle and Motor claims management company that has been serving for individuals and businesses in Australia as one of the country’s top providers of total motor claim solutions. Since the very beginning of our company’s establishment, we have sought to provide top-notch and hassle-free claims management services to anyone who needs it.

Here at Turn right, we believe in fairness, equality, cooperation, and customer satisfaction,that is why, we work hard to make sure that you are provided what you are entitled for. In fact, our stern belief has allowed us to help transport companies / Fleet operators to not only reduce premiums and excess but also claims damages from third party when you are not at fault in an accident. Our claims management process reduces  our client’s ongoing  cost saving and risk mitigation.For this we have partnered with, underwriters, investigators, claims adjusters,assessors and more.

Who We Are

What We Do

As a credible and experienced motor accident-related Motor claims management & Accident replacement vehicle provider, is well-versed in the entire end to end claims process.

Our team of well-informed claims professionals can answer accident notification directly from driver over the phone or  you can choose to fill out the right forms; ensuring the efficiency of the claims process from the starting point so that you can focus on your core  business activity.

The cost of minor accidents can represents around 75% of annual claims cost and effective recovery process for not at fault client’s not only pays for our service to you but also saves time, money and improves insurance claims history. Since our claims experts are knowledgeable in the laws, terms, and conditions surrounding motor vehicle accident claims and will not hesitate to fight on your behalf or waive / reduce excess if you are not at fault in an accident. Hence, insurance excess and premium reduces dramatically.

Our dedicated team of experts can spare you from the stress of filing and checking on your claims; organise accident replacement vehicle or even claim maximum loss of income /profit to maximise your claim recovery from third party insurance company.

Turn Right has thoroughly simplified the claims process for you. Supply us with the right information; then sit back and relax. Let us do all the work for you.