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Turn Right aims to give you top-of-the-line replacement vehicles while your car is being repaired.  In order to cover all the bases for a hassle-free claims management, Turn Right has been instrumental in keeping our clients feel at ease as they are neither troubled with the possibility of a careless everyday commute nor business losses because they do not have a vehicle to complete the job.

Turn Right  not only has variety of replacement vehicles but also maintains great relations with a wide array of car rental companies that can supply us with the right cars for you, incase we do not have suitable vehicle available for you. Whether you need a standard utility vehicle for your everyday use, or you require a truck as a stand in to complete your fleet; rest assured that we can arrange for you the most appropriate vehicle for you. After all, Your satisfaction is our business.

The Rental Process: It is as easy as ABC!

Step1: Submit application form online or Call us at 02 81042905 or email us at or visit our website

Step 2: Your replacement vehicle is on its way

After receiving your application, we will get in touch with you for delivery of your accident replacement vehicle immediately at your doorstep/ Smash repairer.

Step 3: Documents

Your accident replacement vehicle will be handed over, we will only request the following documents:

  • Driving License and additional driving licence.

  • Your vehicle registration papers

  • Your credit card (Do not worry, we will not charge you without notice). It is only for incidentals like infringements, tolls, fuel or damage, if any)

Step 4: Return your vehicle once your is repaired or total loss settled.

Advise us of the completion or repair or total loss settlement, we will arrange collection at a place convenient to you.

Step 5: No cost to you if not at fault

If you are not at fault, we will recover the total rental cost from the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Do not let claim process fill you with despair or keep you grounded. Turn Right and can keep your on-road life rolling.