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Had an accident?
Not at fault?

Turn Right is your one stop shop for motor
claim management solutions.


Our services are tailored to your business needs and requirements.

We understand that internal claim management can be stressful that can drain business resources and impact overall business bottom line.

We are here to help you through.

With our comprehension range of motor claims solutions, we take effective ownership of your entire claim process and deliver outstanding results, not only taking the stress away but also minimizing overall cost for you.

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What We do

We help our clients to manage motor claims using a meticulous and well-managed process executed by skilled staff members and latest computerized technology. Some of our service includes negotiating in your best interest entitlement cost for your or third party damages, providing like for like replacement vehicle, preparing loss of use or income claim and processing under excess claims.

We regularly review your avenues for improvement and insurance cost saving. We also assist you develop an efficient risk management plan for your motor fleet, hence reducing your annual insurance premium.

If you are our client or if you are not, we have a huge fleet to provide you like for like accident replacement vehicle at your doorstep at no cost to you . When you are not at fault in an accident. Yes, you read it right, AT NO COST TO YOU!

How it works


After your accident call us on 02 8104 2905 or you can apply online and take help.


Once we have assessed your application we will deliver the vehicle to you and we provide accident replacement vehicles at no cost to you when not at fault.


We regularly assess and update you on the progress of the repairs to your vehicle and delivery at your doorstep.


Once repairs to your vehicle are complete, we will collect the replacement vehicle from you to use that replacements in different way.

Why Turn Right

  • Reduce insurance excess and premium.
  • Manage your under excess claims
  • Recover, not at fault or unclaimed damages (Mirror, Minor scratches, taillight or total loss) from third party
  • Provide you replacement vehicle when you are not at fault at no cost to you.
  • Maximize recovery amount for your damages and minimize recovery cost for damages to third party
  • Design customized claims management solutions.
  • Provide regular claims updates and insurance reports.


  • 35% reduction in incident notification
  • 45% reduction in insurance Excess and premium
  • Process not at fault claim with third party insurance company directly.
  • Incident notification
  • Assessment
  • Arrange repairs
  • Recoveries form third party
  • Arrange replacement vehicle or not at fault

Claim Management Process:

Our Comprehensive Claim Management process includes following steps:

Incident Notification


Arrange Repairs

3rd Party Recovery

Debt Collection

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